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By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we will all contribute to the well being of all personnel and subsequently the company.

Statement of Safety and Health Policy

Ahearn Electric, Inc. believes in the dignity and importance of the individual employee and his/her right to derive personal satisfaction from the job. The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses is of such a consequence to this belief that it will be given top priority at all times.

Ahearn Electric, Inc. has established an accident prevention program that emphasizes the integration of safety and health measures into each job task so that safety/health and job performance will become inseparable. This will be accomplished through the cooperative efforts of management, supervisors and employees who will seek to obtain the lowest possible industrial accident rates.

Safety orientation for new transferred employees, timely and appropriate training, a management/employee safety committee, an active self-inspection program, proper mechanical guards, and personal protective equipment will be some of the tools used to reduce work hazards.