Ahearn Electric - Quality Since 1939

By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we will all contribute to the well being of all personnel and subsequently the company.


Ahearn Electric, Inc. has been in business since 1939, with its primary focus on service calls and light commercial work. In 1996, we shifted our focus to industrial / commercial projects with the Navy, while continuing to expand our service department and pursue work in the private sector.

We have been presented with many challenges by the Navy, and along with our customer have been able to successfully meet their needs every time.

Here is a list of just a few of our bigger projects.

  • Hangar 5 Whidbey Island Naval Air Station: Korte Co, Inc.
  • Bay Vista South: Walsh Construction, Inc.
  • EPA Lab Stage 2 Manchester: RHD Enterprises, Inc.
  • Salishan Hope Project: Walsh Construction, Inc.
  • Ft. Lewis Medical Dental Facility: Korte Co, Inc.